10 Benefits of Same Day Crowns

ogden same day dental crownWould you like to have a healthy and natural looking smile in a single visit? Ben Lomond Dental provides same day dental crowns! Using CEREC technology, we are able to repair chipped, cracked, and damaged teeth in a single visit.

What is the CEREC Machine?

The CEREC Machine can create a porcelain crown in a single visit. In the past, a dental crown would require multiple visits and a temporary crown was worn while you waiting for a laboratory to create a permanent crown. Temporary crowns often do not look natural and can even cause pain if they are not fitted properly. Temporary crowns also require patients to avoid a number of foods as certain foods could cause the tooth to become loose or fall off. The CERAC machine allows patients to have a faster, more esthetic result that requires less injections and drilling, and you can avoid multiple visits and dental impressions to create a crown that suits the natural look of your smile.

How Do Same Day Crowns Work?

Dr. Larson and Dr. Green begin the process by preparing the tooth in the same way a traditional crown is created. A digital image of the tooth is created using a special camera instead of an impression mold. The digital image is brought to a screen next to the dental chair where the dentist will guide the machine through the design of the crown. Once the crown has been created, we will cement it into place, and you are good to go home with a completed smile once again!

The Benefits of Same Day Crowns in Ogden

Our Ogden dental office is pleased to provide same day crowns to our patients. Here are 10 benefits of same day crowns:

  1. A new smile today!
    1. You receive a new smile in one visit
  2. Save time
    1. You don’t miss too much work going to multiple appointments
  3. No need for temporary crowns
    1. Avoid a tooth that isn’t aesthetically appealing for several weeks
  4. Digital map of your mouth
    1. No need for impressions and no more discomfort
  5. Natural looking color to match your existing teeth
    1. Multiple color shades available to match your smile
  6. Safe material
    1. CEREC crowns are compatible with the body has they have same characteristics as tooth enamel
  7. Noninvasive procedure
  8. Less prone to cracks
  9. Natural look and feeling and smoothly polished to match your smile
  10. Designed to fit properly to reduce discomfort

For more information about same day crowns, contact our Ogden dental office today, 801-782-0866.

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