Tooth Colored Fillings

Do you have several silver (amalgam) fillings in your mouth that cause you from showing others your smile? A composite filling is a tooth-colored filling that blends in with the look of your teeth. Composite fillings are used to reshape a tooth and provide cosmetic enhancements to the surface of your teeth.

Replacing Silver Fillings with Composite Fillings

If you have silver fillings that you want removed, the dentist will numb the area to remove the silver and replace it with composite material. The composite material is placed in layers and a UV light is used to harden the layers. The composite is fit to the tooth and it is then polished to be smooth and prevents staining.

Why Composite Fillings?

Some patients feel they are fine with the amalgam fillings, but a number of patients feel composite fillings are the best option as they are nearly identical to the color of your tooth. If the filling is on the front surface of the tooth, it can be visible to yourself and others. A silver filling can be an eyesore to many patients, which is why we recommend replacing them with composite fillings. Composite material bonds to the structure of your tooth, which helps to reduce cracks and breakage.

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