Sedation Dentistry

406-BenLomondDental3813Ben Lomond Dental provides sedation dentistry services to help our patients relax while receiving dental treatments. Sedation dentistry is the best treatment method for patients suffering from dental anxiety. There are various medicines used to help patients relax to make it easier for dental procedures to be performed.

Different Types of Sedation Dentistry

We provide two of the most common methods of sedation dentistry which include:

  1. Inhalation sedation – commonly called “laughing gas”. This sedation helps patients relax, but they remain in a conscious state during treatment.
  2. Oral sedation – anti-anxiety pills are taken before a dental appointment to help a patient relax correctly during their visit.

The majority of our patients will receive inhalation sedation as it works effectively to help patients relax, but will not be completely unconscious. Our doctors are certified and will monitor your oxygen levels and pulse to ensure you are safe during treatment. Our main priority is your health! We want you to be happy and cared for correctly during treatments to ensure you receive the best dental care.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right For Me?

Sedation dentistry is not right for everyone. If you have a real fear or anxiety that prevents you from visiting the dentist, we recommend trying sleep dentistry. Patients will need to fill out medical forms to provide information about their health history. Some patients are unable to receive sedation due to underlying medical conditions or concerns. Sedation dentistry is right for patients with the following:

  • low pain tolerance
  • struggle to sit still in the dentist’s chair
  • have sensitive teeth and gums
  • have a bad gag reflex
  • require large amounts of dental work
  • suffer from dental anxiety

If you suffer from dental anxiety, or you are concerned about dental treatments, contact our North Ogden Dental Office to discuss sedation dentistry services.