Why Do You Need Dental Cleanings?

pediatric dentistry north ogdenWhen was your last dental cleaning? Some dental patients avoid annual cleanings because they rarely have cavities, other patients do not come in for cleanings as they feel they are inconvenient. There are a number of reasons why dental cleanings are important to your health. Call our Ogden dental office to schedule a cleaning and ensure your dental health is in check.

Prevent Cavities

One of the main reasons to visit our dental office is to prevent cavities. Plaque is always building, which can lead to tooth decay if it is not removed. Plaque is often removed from brushing and flossing, but dental cleanings are needed to prevent buildup and keep plaque and tartar from building up and causing decay.

Prevent Gingivitis and Serious Gum Disease

Visiting our dental office annually allows us to remove plaque and bacteria that forms just below the gum line. If bacteria is not properly removed, it will start to infect the gums, leading to gingivitis. If your gums begin to bleed and look bright red or become swollen, it is important to call our dental office right away. Treating gum disease in an early stage will prevent gum disease from getting worse and requiring painful treatments.

Stop Tooth Loss

Gum disease can lead to plaque build-up that causes tooth loss. Regular dental cleanings help to reduce plaque that causes the teeth to become loose and fall out. The other benefit of regular dental visits is to reduce cavities around the teeth that can end up causing an entire tooth to be replaced.

Enhance Your Smile

The foods you eat and drink can stain your teeth, which can cause you to become embarrassed by your smile. A dental cleaning allows our team to remove built-up stains and polish your teeth, giving you a brighter, whiter smile.

Improve Your Breath

Do you constantly deal with bad breath? A dental cleaning will freshen your breath and is one of the best ways to deal with persistent bad breath.

Improve Your Health

Dental cleanings are one of the best ways to not only improve your oral health, but to enhance your overall health. Studies have shown a connection between your overall health and oral health. Dental cleanings may help to reduce your risk for certain diseases like heart disease and stroke. Certain health conditions can be detected in early stages during a routine oral exam.

Prevent Expensive Dental Procedures

Failure to catch dental disease in early stages can lead to expensive and painful treatments. From root canals to extractions and dental implants, failure to treat simple cavities and gum disease can lead to these costly procedures.

Call our dental office in Ogden to schedule your dental cleaning, 801-782-0866.

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